Fabrik’s New Range for Woman and Giveaway

We’ve developed a bit of a lust over Fabrik’s new woman’s range, and with such sweet spring designs, who can blame us?

If sophistication and lacey goodness is your style then doll yourself up in these breezy pieces. We also have a $50 voucher to give away, how does that sound?




Perfect for spring activities, (picnics, garden parties and the such) Fabrik’s pieces are reminiscent of days filled with light, laughter and frolicking about.

For more information on Fabrik, visit here http://fabrikstore.com

We have 1x $50 voucher to give away to 1 lucky Beauty and Lace reader.

To enter, just leave a comment below telling us what is your favourite spring activity?

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65 thoughts on “Fabrik’s New Range for Woman and Giveaway

  1. My favourite spring activity is feeding the Bees! I do this by planting a range of flowers and vegetables, the bees just love them! Without bees we would not have a world.

  2. This might sound a little bit crazy, but I really do love a good spring clean… I feel like I shut right down during winter; come spring I defrost and feel as those the Vitamin D is a direct battery recharger! I love throwing open the windows and getting the house spick and span in every corner.

  3. Walking around the Hills taking photographs of all the new amazing blooms and bee’s so I can send them to my amazing little Granddaughter 🙂

  4. Walking along the beach with my black labrador puppy is my favourite Spring activity as the water is warm enough to swim in. He loves chasing the waves and digging in the sand.

  5. My favourite spring activity is getting out into the garden and planting new plants. I love the anticipation of the joys to come such as flowers and fresh vegetables and fruit.

  6. Like Gemma, I also feel a bit weird – I love spring cleaning, weeding the garden and generally getting prepared for the heat of summer!

  7. I love getting out into the garden and trimming and shaping my shrubs and having a good tidy up specialy after this nasty wind we’ve just had trees down everywhere

  8. I love spring gardens. Fruit tree blossoms sparkle like fairy lights, calling me like a siren song. Add arrays of daffodils, tulips, hyacinth and narcissus, and I’m as busy as a bee, going from flower to flower in utter delight.

  9. I love to spend time with my family and friends and that often end up with a barbie either at my place or we go to a park so the little ones can run around and play. Its a great time of year lovely light clothes and sunshine and Flowers blooming. I think spring it like a breath of fresh air coming out to rid us of the dark gloomy winter.

  10. Spring is when I start taking my exercise back outdoors after the Winter months. There is nothing like doing a beach run rather than one on he treadmill. Fresh air instead of air conditioning is the plus!!!

  11. I love the smell of barbeques and walking amongst the colourful flowers blooming while the sun kisses my cheeks as if to say “hello” for the first time in months!

  12. We love a country drive to count the gorgeous little lambs – its where education meets nature and importantly, we all have fun!

  13. I love changing over my bedspread, packing a way the big doona and putting on the colourful sheets to brighten up my room. Spring, come at me!

  14. Love anything outdooors, great time to get the yards in order and enjoy the warmth of the sun, love long leisurely walks as well …just soaking up nature

  15. In the tropics, the seasonal changes to Spring are not very obvious..
    I’ve tried unsuccessfully to grow spring bulbs, even after giving them the “fridge” treatment , so-o-o…. each year I plan a short southern Spring holiday to truly capture the wonder of Spring.

  16. My favorite spring time activity is enjoying the warmer days spent pottering around the garden, whist my three year old is busy exploring the great outdoors.

  17. In the sunshine, out on my lawn, reading a book or digging up weeds, watching my bunnies romp away, the chickens scratching, the dog wanting to play

  18. My favourite thing to do in spring,
    Is head on over to carnival racing,
    Hats and dresses,
    Heels and flowers,
    How good would it look with Fabrik’s new thing!

  19. Gardening. An interactive experience with Mother Nature using all senses.

    See the beautiful flowers in bloom
    Hear the chirping of newly hatched baby birds
    Smell the fresh scent of the flowers and plants
    Touch the earth as I clear away dead matter to make room for new growth
    Taste the fruit from the trees..

  20. I love booking the window cleaning and carpet shampooing men!

    Both jobs are beyond me but signal the start of clear sunny days, visitors and BBQ season!!!

  21. I love being outside once Spring arrives. It’s so pleasant after being stuck inside during Winter. I’m happy anywhere once Spring arrives, out in the garden, out for lunch, out with friends, just about anything makes me smile!

  22. Getting in the garden, digging through the compost and planting new season plants and excitedly watching them grow as the sunny days get longer and warmer.

  23. Spring is a great time for taking great nature walks on the sunny days. Spring is such a colourful season and the sunny days put a spring in your step.

  24. High tea with family and friends on our patio, just warm enough to enjoy delicious made-with-love nibblies and cool enough to drink tea in the lovely Spring air. My favourite by far!

  25. Getting outside to get a bit of colour and Vitamin D into me – whether it be a walk along the beach, up in the Hills or a play with our dog in the back yard.

  26. When its spring I love spending time in the garden. I love seeing the bulbs that I planted, turn into beautiful flowers. I share them with my Dad who is in aged care and I also take some in to share with the others who are in the same facility. I also take them to my mums grave. Another thing I like to do is to get my clothes organised so that I can slowly get rid of my winter clothes. And bring my clothes for the nicer weather to the front of my wardrobe.

  27. My fav spring activity is getting back in the pool. Floating around in the water is so relaxing and it is a nice way to enjoy the sunshine and warmer days.

  28. I visit my friends farm, collect manure and spread it on the garden ready for spring planting. At the end of the day I smell like a sheeps bottom and I couldn’t be happier.

  29. I love garden tea parties with all the dainty china, tiny cakes, hats and flowers, I live in a country town and garden tea parties are big in Spring!

  30. Fave spring activity? Getting outside and not freezing. It’s like I have come out of hibernation, everything is on the move again. I enjoy sitting in the sun enjoying my coffee and observing the activities going on about me.

  31. I love to go for a walk after a spring shower when the light just glows and the grass is a luminous green. The air is so fresh.

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