The Bagladies

Have I mentioned that we love bags here at Beauty and Lace? Apart from being oh-so-trendy and allowing us to bring our favourite things wherever we go, they also swing comfortably onto our shoulders. Very handy.

For an adorable addition to your tote collection, take a peek at Bagladies humble offerings. The words ‘stylish’ ‘chic’ and ‘roomy’ come to mind, as does ‘must-purchase’.




Each bag is made from organic cotton to offer you an eco-friendly alternative and to gently nudge you away from plastic bag use. A nifty internal pocket is also included allowing your phone, keys and other such things a safe place to rest while you’re busy being busy.

To view the collection (which is Australian owned, by the way) visit here

One thought on “The Bagladies

  1. Our little one likes anything with bright patterns. I would need to guard this lovely tote bag.

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